Although there is no Biblical story about a fluffy, long-eared Easter bunny, I love bunnies and get excited about them especially at this time of year.  While rabbits and eggs are associated with the renewal and rebirth that the spring season ushers in, they actually have pagan roots.  The Easter bunny tradition as we know it today can be traced back to  Germany in the 1500’s.  I still think we can fit the Easter bunny into the symbolism of Easter.  Christ’s resurrection represents the ultimate rebirth:   new birth and life in Him.  I read something interesting about the representation of Easter eggs:  the egg shell represents Jesus’ tomb.  When cracked, it represents the Resurrection of Christ.

The Easter bunny also conjures up memories of my childhood in Mississippi.  Back “in the day” white, fluffy bunnies were abundant during the spring,  and my two sisters and I  got to each choose one of our own.  My Daddy even erected rabbit hutches in our backyard for them. Unfortunately, the gender of the bunny  was not an issue, and we were ecstatic to see new baby rabbits appear in just a few short weeks!  My parents were probably not so delighted…

Pictured below are some  scenes in my garden..  Just in case you didn’t know, these are rabbits I have collected through the years from McCarty Pottery in Merigold, Mississippi.

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PIctured below are images from the garden of Marie Stone, a master gardener and sweet friend…

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“The resurrection gives my life meaning and direction and the opportunity to start over no matter what my circumstances.”

                                                                                                                                   (Robert Flatt)



  1. I agree, I love bunnies too. I love the ones in your garden. I have a few out in my garden too. I did not get my bunnies out for Spring decor since we are moving. Sometimes we as believers can be so hard on ourselves about what certain things represent..I just try to celebrate Jesus everyday. So, if I want bunnies…it has nothing to do with my faith or that I love Jesus any less…It just because I want to decorate with bunnies…Keep on making beautiful things…Cause that is exactly what Christ does with us.. Blessings!

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