This post is actually a continuation of my previous post featuring the Southeast Alabama Camellia Society’s annual show.  My good friend, Debbie and I were among the last show goers to leave.  The tables were being disassembled, and the society members were so kind to let us choose whatever show specimens we wanted  to take with us. What a breathtaking array of prize winning  blooms were we fortunate to take home!

IMAG0452 (1)

I took the above container of camellia blooms home, and had a heyday making simple arrangements around my home.  What an assortment of perfectly magnificent blooms!  I felt like the winner of the annual show myself !



A simple silver pedestal or punch bowl filled with floating camellias is an elegant display.

Below camellias are arranged in vintage pedestal containers. A dining table grouping makes for an easy centerpiece.

IMAG0464 IMAG0463 IMAG0460

IMAG0458 IMAG0459

This arrangement was done using camellias from a friend’s yard in the garden district several days before the show.  Thanks, Olivia!  I used pedestal cake stands and grouped small vases to make the display. My favorite Pink Perfection are on the bottom right.


Pictured below is on of my favorite gardening books ever from my home state of Mississippi.  One Writer’s Garden – Eudora Welty’s Home Place, chronicles Eudora Welty’s love of gardening which was instilled by her mother, Chestina.  Ms Welty lived in the family’s home until her death in 2001.  In 1997, she gave permission to one of the authors, Susan Haltom, to tell the story of her Mother’s Jackson, Mississippi garden which was created in 1925. Unfortunately, the garden had suffered from years of neglect and  was described as a “nearly lost garden.”  Plans from the original garden were utilized for the restoration of the Welty garden from 1994-2009.  Ms Welty had a passion for camellias, and even mentioned a variety known as ‘Chandleri Elegans’ in one of her novels.  This particular variety was in her mother’s original garden, and is growing in the restored garden today.



This is what I discovered on my bathroom vanity today.  The romance continues….



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