After enjoying the potted tulips in the previous post for a couple of days, I decided to “deconstruct” them!  I carefully took them out of the potting soil, and cut them off close to the bulbs.  (Maybe I’ll save the bulbs for fall planting!).  As I mentioned before, the tulips are fresher and will last longer from this source.


Below is a one of my favorite containers:  a  rustic birch bark covered cylinder.


I added some Liriope to the tulip arrangements in the three glass urns.  These were placed on a sideboard, but would be lovely on a dining room or breakfast room table.


A cube shaped glass container adds a pop of color to a chair side table.  This simple arrangement takes just minutes to assemble.


For a more contemporary twist, I did the arrangement below in a medium-sized fish bowl.  I simply twisted several pieces of Liriope inside the bowl.  Then I put the tulip stems down in the water, and swirled them around the sides. There are no steadfast rules with this arrangement.  Let your imagination run wild!  It would be fun to try different color combinations here..


For more interest, I added two asymmetrical vases with additional tulips on each side.




Below is a more rustic tablescape to simulate fresh tulips emerging from the ground. Fresh moss collected from a friend’s yard provided the backdrop.  I used a wooden bowl, but you could use almost any shaped shallow container.  Line the vessel with a plastic liner, or cut a plastic 2 gallon sized  Ziploc bag to fit. I placed assorted sizes and shapes of soaked oasis  in the bowl to create a more natural effect. Next simply place the fresh moss on top of the oasis (or  store-bought sheet moss can be substituted).  Mist well with water.  You may need to use a few floral pins here to keep the moss secured.  After placing the moss, add the tulips gently into the oasis in a random fashion.  Add more moss as needed around the edges.  Small pieces of lichen branches were added for interest..

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Tips for cut tulips:

* Recut the stems every couple of days to encourage water uptake.

* Tulips are one of the few flowers that will continue to grow in their vases after being cut.

(source: ” Southern Accents Year-Round Color”)

Capture the beauty of spring with a bouquet of tulips in your home..

11 thoughts on “TULIPS: “TAKE TWO”

  1. I have learned something new…about tulips…They always seem so fragile. I did not know they would continue to grow…I love the rustic planter..and the tall vases…You do such beautiful arrangements..Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great double take on the tulip blog…I love seeing your moss demo….
    so many beautiful tulips…I read where there are now over 3,000 different registered varieties of cultivated Tulips.

    Some say “Life isn’t a tiptoe through the tulips” all the time and I guess it is true…but when we can it sure is fun to throw off your shoes and dance!!!!

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