The early blooms of the Bradford Pear tree are forecasting the change of seasons.  Spring is almost here!  One of the first signs I love to watch in my own yard each year is the glorious budding of these trees.

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This same Bradford Pear tree is pictured just a few weeks ago.  The bare branches and awaiting cardinal are a promise that spring always comes…


I can remember how much my Mother loved to force limbs in the early spring.  Although the branches in the following arrangements were techinically not forced since they were gathered just today, I wanted to show how stunning they can look inside your home.  I simply cut the branches at a slant with a good pair of pruners, and put them in warm water for several hours to condition them.


The pear blossoms will last for several days, and these arrangements can be done quickly.  After conditioning, fill an urn or vase with warm water and arrange.  The beauty of these arrangements is that they are natural and uncontrived.  You can add decorative accesories such as birds, birds’ nests, or rabbits around the base to add interest and carry out the transition to spring.


Some of my favorite spring time accessories:  pottery from Mississippi….

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The urns below were put on my dining room table.  They can be used alone or you could add a center arrangement as pictured below.



“And then the day came

When the choice to remain tight in a bud

Became more painful

Than the risk it took to blossom.”

                                                          (Unknown author)


10 thoughts on “BOUNTIFUL BLOSSOMS

  1. So pretty, Mary Lise. I was blessed to receive one of your center pieces yesterday, from the ladies luncheon. I added a tiny pottery owl to it and it is lovely on my big kitchen table. Thank you!

  2. Oh What a lovely blog. I am so happy to find you! Love the branches budding out and all the different ways you used them…Love! Stop by and visit…we have much in common….Blessings!

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