Our church is  hosting its annual missions conference this week.  Many events during the next few days will give our members an opportunity to meet missionaries that we currently support in the states as well as other countries. For over 30 years our church has been supporting missionaries both internationally as well as locally.  From college campus outreach to local ministries such as Wiregrass Hope Group and Wiregrass Children’s home to countries such as England, Hungary and Japan, we support quite a diverse field of  missions! The church also helps fund a short term mission trip that Providence Christian School high school seniors take each spring.  Their abandon to Christ and His calling is incredible. They are often in isolated parts of the world with their families, and their path is often filled with hardships. Their faith and perseverance is inspiring.  Most of us are unable to go to a foreign mission field.  But what a mission field surrounds us in our own backyards!  Our mission field may be in the grocery store, in the doctor’s office, at a soccer game – even in our own families.  Pastor and author John Piper points out:  “If you don’t point people to God for everlasting joy, you don’t love.  You waste your life.”  May we all be inspired to respond to the endless possibilities for mission work that surround us.


One of the most anticipated events each year is the Ladies Luncheon.  I always love an “excuse”  to peruse  garden centers, and providing centerpieces for the luncheon gave me just the opportunity!  What a pleasant surprise to find such a bountiful display of  annuals that would provide a needed burst of spring to the frigid weather we have experienced the past few days.

Blue Delphinium, lavender stock, and purple verbena provided a gorgeous palate of color.  Bountiful masses of ornamental kale was a perfect filler. I also added a few small succulents to each container.


???????? ???????? ????????


After finding wonderful hanging baskets for half price, I decided to make container gardens for the round tables that we would be using for the luncheon. I simply removed the attached chains with a wire cutter.  Purchase  high quality potting soil, preferably one with a time release fertilizer.  Then “plant” the individual annuals, succulents,  and ornamental kale.  Water just enough to provide even moisture.  Then arrange sheet moss and Spanish moss around the plants.  Be sure to cover the edges well with sheet moss.  In just minutes, you have a lovely container garden that should last into the spring. All of these plants needs moderate light, but you can enjoy them indoors for a few days.  Alternate taking them outside for a few days.

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This container garden can add a touch of spring almost anywhere in your home!



One of the missionaries talked about her faith journey in the challenging mission field:

“Calm waters do not produce skilled mariners.”

May we all be inspired to give sacrificially and serve selflessly in our own mission fields!




  1. I just happened to be at the DCC on the day of the luncheon. Seeing that huge gathering of ladies from every stage of life was a great testament to the faithful service of your church! I don’t want to waste my life. I want to be a skilled mariner even when the boat is rocking! The colors and textures are amazing in those beautiful container gardens.

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to look and comment on my blog. The centerpieces really came together quickly. And, the nurseries are beginning to get in many different annuals around here. It was a very inspiring event!

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