When I create arrangements, I typically see what is blooming in my yard (or a friend’s!) , and look at herbs and evergreens that can be utilized as well.  I gathered  rosemary, lavender, Dusty Miller, Angelonia (summer Snapdragons), Kimberly Queen fern and Pittosporum as a foundation for a Valentine tablescape.  Then, I found wonderful pink roses, white tulips and miniature carnations at Walmart to carry out my theme.  I have found that pretty “filler” can take a floral display from ordinary and turn it into a spectacular display!



The miniature carnations were used in a precious post.

First start by cutting the wet floral foam (Oasis brand is best) to fit your container.  I am using several pieces of vintage milk glass for this design. Pour water over the oasis to the top of the container and let it soak about 10 minutes.

???????? ????????

A soaked oasis ring is placed on the pedestal cake platter.  (Please disregard the fact that it is broken and pieced back together!)


Start adding Pittosporum until the oasis is well covered.


Next add the roses as desired.


Next add greenery to the oasis wreath on the cake stand.  You could also incorporate rosemary, lavender, etc.

???????? ????????


Add flowers to the wreath, and set the first container in the center of the ring. This is also a good time to tuck in more greenery/herbs as desired.


Next, add rosemary, Kimberly Queen fern, lavender, Dusty Miller, Angelonia, roses and tulips to the  two smaller fan shaped  vases.  No oasis required here.




White monogrammed napkins, simple  napkin rings, pewter chargers along with white china complete the table setting.  To carry out the holiday theme, I added a couple of alabaster hearts.



Flowers speak their own language:

Carnation (white) … Sweet and lovely

Lavender … Mistrust

Rose (pink) … Grace

Rose (white) … A heart unacquainted with love

Rose (pink) … Grace

Rosemary … Remembrance

Snapdragon … Presumption

Tulips … Declaration of love



  1. Another beautiful post at a loving time of the year. Beautiful and Meaningful and educational with the flower language dictionary.



  2. Mary Lise, I enjoyed so much the beautiful arrangements. I have to tell you about something I found in the back of a closet while cleaning this summer. I found a Pontotoc Warrior stadium cushion that was sold by you and Kathy Loden in 1974. Mack said it was a much better cushion than what you buy today. So he started using it. Gene Clement is our seat partner at footballs games. Mack showed it to him with all the advertising on it and he enjoyed that so much.
    Have a great week.

    • I had forgotten all about those cushions we sold! I’m glad Mack is putting it to good use! He definitely has a vintage cushion, doesn’t he? Thanks for sharing.. I hope you and your family are doing well.

      Take care,
      Mary Lise

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