With the approaching of Valentine’s Day and American Heart month,we have all been bombarded by hearts! I thought it would be appropriate to go over a few fun statistics regarding the human heart.  Although the average heart weighs only about 11 ounces, it beats about 100,000 times a day, 3,600,000 times a year, and 2.5 billion times during a lifetime!  To get even more technical, the heart pumps 2000 gallons of blood through 60,000 miles of blood vessels each day!  God  skillfully and masterfully designed the human body.  Years ago I worked in the field of cardiovascular nursing, and I marvel at the incredible advances made over the years.  It is nothing short of a miracle that diseased coronary arteries can be opened with a tiny stents, faulty heart valves can be replaced, heart transplants can be done with precision, and the implantation of cardiac pacemakers and defibrillators can give patients productive, high quality lives.

All this talk of hearts reminded me of a Beth Moore Bible study I took several years ago, entitled “A Heart Like His”.  Although I try to maintain good habits to modify my cardiac risk factors, more importantly, I need to be focusing on my heart’s devotion to God.  Beth spoke of a divided heart during the study.  That is, are we seeking to be wholly devoted to God?  I know that I am guilty of giving Him only a piece of my heart at times, and  letting things like anger, unforgiveness, selfishness or self-seeking approval rear their ugly heads.   A divided heart will only cause discontent, pain, anxiety and even physical discomfort.  We must remember that only God can be trusted with our hearts.  Our hearts must be wholly devoted to Him!

So this month, focus on your heart – both inside and out!

“Create in me a clean heart, O God,

Renew a loyal spirit within me.”

Psalm: 51:10 (NLT)


Enjoy this simple heart shaped arrangement for your heart celebration on a dining table, coffee table, or a side table.

1.  Cut floral Oasis foam to the size of a heart shaped cake pan or any other shallow,  heart shaped container. Fill pan with water and soak for a few minutes before placing flowers.


2.  Insert an herb such as rosemary or lavender (used here) around the edges.  Next start inserting the cut flowers.  Here I used small carnations.  Cut the stems to about 3 inches.  Start from the center and go out.  This is a very “forgiving” arrangement.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  You can pack the blooms in fairly tightly. *Red or white Sweetheart Roses would also work well.  You could even combine the two colors.


3.  Continue adding the mini carnations until you have covered the entire surface.  You can also tuck in more greenery around the sides.  I used a little Dusty Miller from my yard along with the lavender.

???????? ????????

4.  Place the arrangement on a pedestal, tray, or cake stand depending on where you want to use it.  Finish by covering the edges in tulle or ribbon.


Use your imagination to design your own Valentine!


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